About Us

Welcome to Poppys Crafts ! 

So you want to know a little bit more about us , well where do i start ...

Well after leaving school I continued on to college where i studied 1 year of GNVQ Art and Design & 2 years of A level Art and design, these included Drawing, Textiles, photography and ceramics.

i set up the business in 2006 where i was making and selling pet beds and fluffy legwarmers for clubwear ! strange combination ! lol

So how did that progress to car accessories ? well growing up with two car mad brothers and their car mad friends, and taken round to car auctions and car shows from a young age, i think it was inevitable that this madness would be passed on to me. so i combined fluffyness with cars and started making fluffy car accessories, and because i couldnt resist all the other fabulous fabrics, i introduced fleece and cotton into the collection.

but why Poppys Crafts ?

Despite what people think my name isn't Poppy ! :P, the name Poppy actually came from one of our old Cats, i needed a screen name for using on the internet and Poppy seemed like a good name at the time plus her name was the most human sounding name compared to our other cats such as Silver, Cuddles and Jingle lol so then the name just stuck with me and has done ever since.


Poppy Cat polishing wheels

Poppys Crafts is famous !! yes some of our steering wheel covers have made television appearances such as on C4's Hollyoaks, ITV's Coronation street, and Sport Relief on BBC1 

Our Leopard Print Fuzzy Steering wheel, featured on BBC1's Sport relief, with David Walliams, Davina McCall and Gary Linekar in the only fools and Horses 3 wheeler.

   Our Baby pink fuzzy steering wheel cover with hot pink bow featured in ITV's Coronation Street with Simon Gregson (Steve Mcdonald) and Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor)